Educating and Electing a New Generation of Republican Leaders

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GOPAC’s History

GOPAC Founder Pete du Pont

Following the 1978 elections, Delaware Governor Pete du Pont surveyed a national landscape dominated by Democratic majorities. In recent elections, Republican efforts to challenge Democratic holds on both houses of Congress, the White House, and state offices across the nation had been hindered by muddled messages and inexperienced candidates.

Du Pont determined to remedy the situation by creating an organization to cultivate promising young leaders within the Republican ranks and build a “farm team” of candidates with the knowledge and drive to become a governing majority party.

In 1979, GOPAC set to work electing Republicans to state and local offices. The organization concentrated on making direct contributions to promising candidates in competitive state legislative and municipal elections nationwide. In a short period of time, GOPAC helped Republicans make meaningful progress and grew to be one of the country’s largest and most influential partisan political action committees.

Former Chairmen including
Newt Gingrich and Pete du Pont

With Newt Gingrich at the helm, GOPAC became the Republican Party’s preeminent education and training center through countless campaign seminars, workbooks, audiotapes and years of grassroots organizing. Many political observers credited GOPAC with being a key catalyst of the Republican Revolution that stormed the nation in 1994, sweeping in the first GOP congress in four decades and leaving a record number of governorships and statehouses in Republican hands.

The tradition of strong GOPAC leaders continued with Congressmen John Shadegg and David Dreier, Governor Frank Keating, and the Honorable Michael Steele.

GOPAC is under the current leadership of Chairman Frank Donatelli and continues its efforts to identify, educate, and support promising young Republican leaders who will no doubt be leading the party to new heights and the nation to greater prosperity in the not too distant future.


GOPAC is dedicated to educating and electing a new generation of Republican leaders. A new generation of Republican leaders is out there. And it's GOPAC's mission to promote them as they champion the conservative ideas and policies that will create jobs and address the challenges our communities face. Since 1978, GOPAC has been searching the ranks of state and local governments for promising Republican leaders, and giving them the education and financial support they need to lead America. Learn More.

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