Educating and Electing a New Generation of Republican Leaders

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What do baseball and politics have in common?

Baseball teams know that regardless of raw abilities, truly great teams must work for years to recruit talent, cultivate strengths, and build a lasting pool of gifted individuals. Every major league team with an ounce of promise has a well-oiled farm system operation.

At GOPAC, we operate under the same principle. We know that even naturally gifted leaders need resources and guidance to be successful. For the past 35 years, we have worked to ensure that promising, conservative leaders have the tools necessary to successfully run for office and effectively lead once there.

Our concentrated efforts on the state level during the past few election cycles have contributed to Republican control of 27 state legislatures. As a result, we have a deep bench of talented conservative leaders who are state-tested and ready to lead in Washington – they need only to be Called Up from the ranks.

During 2014, we will independently promote proven leaders who have participated in GOPAC’s programs in the past as they seek federal office. We know they have the knowledge, experience, and integrity to succeed in Washington, and we plan to provide them with the support necessary to get there.

Perhaps baseball and politics aren’t so different after all.

Read on to find out who is getting Called Up.

GOPAC Endorses Alabama State Rep. Chad Fincher (AL-01)

Rep. Fincher is a member of the Alabama House of Representatives and currently serves as Chairman of the Agriculture Committee. He was first elected in 2006 and continues to work as a licensed realtor. He has successfully managed some of the most controversial bills in the legislature this quadrennium, including a teacher tenure reform bill that passed in 2011. In 2013, he also sponsored legislation that led to school choice for students in failing institutions.

“Rep. Fincher truly embodies GOPAC’s mission of promoting to higher office promising leaders who have shown an ability to campaign and legislate effectively at the state level. His skills and experience are very much needed in Congress.” – GOPAC President David Avella

Rep. Fincher is a past participant of GOPAC’s State and Local Summits in 2011 and 2012. The summit provides opportunity for state legislators to share policy ideas and trade best practices to advance free-market conservatism across all levels of government.

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GOPAC is dedicated to educating and electing a new generation of Republican leaders. A new generation of Republican leaders is out there. And it's GOPAC's mission to promote them as they champion the conservative ideas and policies that will create jobs and address the challenges our communities face. Since 1978, GOPAC has been searching the ranks of state and local governments for promising Republican leaders, and giving them the education and financial support they need to lead America. Learn More.

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