GOPAC Study Shows Record Numbers of Republican Candidates to Run for State Legislative Seats Nationwide

Republican state legislative campaign committees and state parties have filed a record number of candidates for state legislative seats in key chambers across the United States, according to a study conducted by GOPAC.

After a review of filings in 10 key chambers where filing deadlines have closed, Republicans have filed to run for 678 of 812 seats up for election this year – nearly 10% more seats than Democratic candidates. Equally impressive, Republican candidates are contesting 289 of a possible 368 state legislative seats currently held by Democratic incumbents who are seeking reelection in 2010 for a challenge rate of 78%. Democrats, by contrast, are contesting 172 of a possible 344 seats currently held by Republican incumbents who are seeking reelection in 2010 for a challenge rate of 50%.

“We are poised to field the strongest Republican ticket from top to bottom in many years. In state after state, Republicans have the highest number of candidates seeking state Senate and House seats in their history. This is the first step to making significant gains in state legislatures and increasing the number of majorities we have in state Senate and House Chambers. In turn, Republican legislatures across the country, working with conservative Governors, will be in a position to successfully implement common-sense ideas and build a foundation for the Republican Party’s national platform,” said GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli.

Chairman Donatelli also noted that unprecedented numbers of campaign managers and candidates have been attending GOPAC training seminars around the country and that the GOPAC CDs featuring issue discussions and practical campaign advice are being requested in increasing numbers by state and local candidates.

“Republicans and Independents are opposed to big government, big spending, tax increases, and huge deficits of the current administration and are getting involved in record numbers to change the direction of the country,” said Chairman Donatelli.

The survey covers the following key state chambers – Kentucky Senate, Texas House, Ohio House, Indiana House, North Carolina House and Senate, Pennsylvania House and Senate, Nevada Senate, and Maine Senate. The chamber by chamber breakdown is attached. GOPAC is monitoring filings for legislative seats and will provide updates as more state deadlines near.

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