What does political handicapper Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball see in store for November…

Chairman Donatelli has issued a statement in response to Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball – just published today. The Crystal Ball writes:

“The statehouses will provide the third leg of the Republicans’ 2010 victory. We have long suggested the GOP would gain a net +6 governorships. We now believe they will win +8. This boon to the GOP for redistricting will be enhanced by a gain of perhaps 300 to 500 seats in the state legislatures and the addition of Republican control in 8 to 12 legislative chambers around the country.”

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GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli responds: “Americans are voting for the job creators. The public is poised to vote for candidates who pledge to change the failed economic policies of this Administration. Republican candidates at the state and local level are offering real solutions to create permanent jobs through lower taxes and spending, incentives for the private sector and common sense economic reforms generally. New Republican governors and GOP legislative majorities will be poised to move quickly next year to enact broad reform agendas to get our economy growing again.

Our party is also offering attractive new faces that will significantly broaden the reach of the GOP. This is due to the fact that Republicans have nominated candidates who reflect their communities. Individuals like Susana Martinez in New Mexico and Nikki Haley in South Carolina running for Governor, Leah Vukmir in Wisconsin and Dan Soucek in North Carolina running for State Senate, Rebecca Kubacki in Indiana and Stefani Carter in Texas running for State House. This will be a breakthrough year for the GOP.”