Republican Redistricting After 2010

An Interview with GOPAC’S Frank Donatelli and David Avella

GOPAC’s Frank Donatelli and David Avella discuss the Republican prospects for legislative gains in several states.

C&E: The GOP has a chance this year to make gains in state legislative races; that’s accepted. What about states like Texas with an outside chance that Democrats could make gains in legislatures and in state houses?

Donatelli: I think, across the board, the opportunity is there for Republicans. The big limitation right now is nothing more than financial. I see gains in all parts of the country right now if Republicans can run good campaigns. As far as Texas, there are close margins in the House and some strong Democratic challengers, but I think there are even stronger Republican challengers. More Republicans filed in House races than Democrats, and we are challenging more incumbents than [Democrats]. We have at least 10 strong challenges. It will be a battle, but I am confident we will pick up seats in the Texas House.