Putting Re-election Ahead of Nation’s Woes

You won’t have to look closely to notice the Cheshire cat grins on the faces of White House aides. With June over, news organizations are scurrying to report second-quarter fundraising totals, and President Barack Obama’s numbers promise to be eye popping.

He’s already held more than 30 fundraising events and has filmed at least one solicitation video in the White House. Never mind that unemployment is 9 percent and deficits exceed $1 trillion annually. The president’s reelection effort is flush with cash.

Just a little more than halfway through a four-year term, Obama is off and running for reelection. No other incumbent president has begun his campaign so early or campaigned so intensely at this stage.

The downside, of course, is that this “all politics” focus detracts substantially from the president’s ability to do the job he has been elected to do – namely, to make tough choices and offer leadership to find solutions to our growing national problems. His concentration on reelection politics makes that far more difficult.