Senator McConnell’s Debt-Ceiling End Game

We are now two weeks away from the White House imposed August 2nd, 2011 deadline to raise the debt limit and one thing is clearer than ever: Not even a U.S. government default will deter President Obama and liberal Democrats from continuing their quest to permanently expand the size and scope of the federal government to unprecedented levels. The White House and the Senate Majority have thrown up a wall of opposition to any meaningful reductions in federal spending even in return for raising the debt ceiling.

Let’s review the bidding. President Obama’s February budget made no long-term impact on the deficit. The Senate Democratic Majority won’t even propose a budget, let alone actually try and pass one. The Democratic Chair of the Senate Budget Committee focuses his attention almost exclusively on tax increases and defense cuts. In the bipartisan deficit reduction talks chaired by Vice President Biden, Democratic representatives focused almost exclusively on which taxes should be increased.

When the president finally became involved in the discussions, the White House leaked the news that the president would accept major entitlement changes in Social Security and Medicare if the Republicans would accept, drum roll please, tax increases. Liberals predictably howled about this, threatening all methods of retaliation against any officeholder who would even consider the possibility of amending these programs.