Obama Should Govern, Not Campaign

President Barack Obama has always enjoyed campaigning for president more than actually being president. It’s been hard to keep him off the campaign trail, even if it became clear that he wasn’t helping the causes he campaigned for — the stimulus, Obamacare or Democratic candidates in 2010.

But he’s at it again. This past week, he embarked on a “listening tour” of several Midwestern battleground states to discuss the economy. Despite its blatant political agenda, taxpayers are footing the bill. A billion-dollar reelection kitty doesn’t buy nearly as much as it used to.

Predictably, Obama’s speeches have been long on rhetoric and blame-shifting, short on real economic solutions. The president lit into Republicans, Congress, the tea party, millionaires and billionaires. He blamed everyone but himself for our terrible economic circumstances.

It’s a puzzling strategy for a president and a campaign team hailed as the smartest ever. Can Obama really keep up a relentlessly negative message for the 15 months between now and November 2012?

No one knows what the 2012 election holds. But the debt limit agreement essentially brings to an end the radical experiment that was the Obama era – when every problem had a federal solution and the federal government knew best how to direct economic activity.