Republican Momentum is Still Strong!

The Republican momentum generated in the wake ofthe 2010 elections is still strong. The unpopularity of President Obama and theutter failure of his economic policies make the GOP the logical home for thoseseeking change and a distinctly different path from the disastrous road we areon. The table is set for 2012 when Americans will say no to the Obama record ofhigh taxes, record breaking deficits and 9% unemployment.

The results from last night’s elections wereencouraging, but much remains to be done. Victory one year from now will not beeasy. We must work together to recruit andtrain candidates to defeat the Obama agenda and his far left policies. We must identify and register more Republicans. We must reach out to more women, Hispanics, and other minorities that share our values.

With less than one year until voters take to thepolls again, we are continuing themovement to elect more conservative Republicans at all levels of government across the country. I am pleased to report to you about manyRepublican victories in last night’s elections. We are proud to haveplayed a role in directly supporting the candidates running in these races andas we look to 2012 and beyond, we will study these races for ideas toelect more Republicans to office andgetting our country back on track.

Virginia Senate and HouseĀ 
Last night was a nail biter for the people of Virginia with control ofthe Senate up for grabs. Ultimately control of the chamber came down to just 86votes in favor of Republican challenger Bryce Reeves against incumbent SenatorR. Edward Houck (D). This win along with the victory of Senator Bill Stanleyagainst three term Democrat Roscoe Reynolds ties the Senate 20-20 withRepublican Lt. Governor Bill Bolling as the tie breaking vote. We were alsosuccessful in the House, increasing the Republican majority by 7 seats for atotal of 66 out of 100 seats with onemore race too close to call.

New Jersey Senate and Assembly
This cycle, wecontributed to over 50 candidates running for local and state legislativeoffice in New Jersey.Today, we are glad to report to you that our efforts helped elect a number of these candidatesand maintain all Republican senate seats.

Mississippi Statewide and Legislative Elections
As expected, Lt.Governor Phil Bryant was victorious last night winning the race to replaceHaley Barbour as Governor. This is the first time two Republican governors havebeen elected consecutively in Mississippiin modern times. In the Legislature, Republicans maintained their majority inthe Senate with a possible pickup of 3seats for a total of 30 out of 52. In the House, reports indicate that Republicans are leading in enough races to win control of that chamber as well.

In closing, we are proud to have played a role in all theseraces and congratulate the candidates on running strong and focused campaigns. All of our efforts here are made possible by yourgenerous and continuing support. Yourhelp is timely and most appreciated.