Energy Independence is Within Reach

There is a revolution occurring in U.S. domestic energy production.

Are the “green jobs” so heavily subsidized by the Obama administration finally coming to fruition? Maybe it is ethanol-based fuels that benefit from huge tax breaks? Is it a solar panel breakthrough from companies like Solyndra that received a half-billion-dollar loan guarantee from the federal government?

You may be surprised to learn that it is none of the above. The revolution in American domestic energy production comes from old-fashioned fossil fuels. That’s right, oil and gas exploration and production is on the upswing here in America. This is despite the “cold war” against fossil fuels.

Just to recap, this administration has hindered exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, set the EPA on a jihad against the industry, championed removal of energy tax incentives that would still be available to non-energy companies, and heavily subsidized alternative energy sources.