GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli Welcomes Democrat Party Switchers

GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli released the following statement regarding former Democrat state legislators switching to the Republican Party:

“We are pleased with the decision of these men and women to leave the Democratic Party and join with us. They are adding to the ranks of Americans who want to put result-oriented ideas into action to get us moving in the right direction. Each of these legislators’ insight, experience and commitment to common sense, conservative policies will make our Party stronger.

GOPAC is dedicated to educating and electing the next generation of Republican leaders. We take seriously our mission as the most influential Republican organization committed to Republicans in state and local governments. Our success enables the Republican Party to govern more legislative chambers, empowering state legislators to move forward pro-growth, pro-free market principles and ideas.”

2010-2011 State Legislative Party Switchers
(as of November 10, 2011)

  1. Representative Alan Boothe – Alabama House
  2. Representative Steve Hurst – Alabama House
  3. Representative Mike Millican –Alabama House
  4. Representative Lesley Vance – Alabama House
  5. Representative Linda Collins-Smith – Arkansas House
  6. Senator Tim Golden – Georgia Senate
  7. Representative Ellis Black – Georgia House
  8. Representative Amy Carter – Georgia House
  9. Representative Mike Cheokas – Georgia House
  10. Representative Bubber Epps – Georgia House
  11. Representative Gerald Greene – Georgia House
  12. Representative Bob Hanner – Georgia House
  13. Representative Doug McKillip – Georgia House
  14. Representative Alan Powell – Georgia House
  15. Senator Chris Steineger – Kansas Senate
  16. Senator John Alario – Louisiana Senate
  17. Senator Jody Amedee- Louisiana Senate
  18. Senator Norby Chabert- Louisiana Senate
  19. Senator John Smith – Louisiana Senate
  20. Representative Billy Chandler- Louisiana House
  21. Representative Taylor Barras- Louisiana House
  22. Representative Charles R. Chaney- Louisiana House
  23. Representative Noble Ellington – Louisiana House
  24. Representative Walker Hines – Louisiana House
  25. Representative Fred Mills – Louisiana House
  26. Representative Michael Willette – Maine House
  27. Senator Ezell Lee- Mississippi Senate
  28. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith – Mississippi Senate
  29. Senator Gray Tollison – Mississippi Senate
  30. Representative Donnie Bell- Mississippi House
  31. Representative Russ Nowell – Mississippi House
  32. Representative Margaret Rogers – Mississippi House
  33. Representative Bobby Shows – Mississippi House
  34. Representative Jeff Smith- Mississippi House
  35. Senator Eldon Nygaard – South Dakota Senate
  36. Representative Allan Ritter – Texas House
  37. Representative Aaron Pena – Texas House