The Demise of Herman Cain

The presidential campaign of Herman Cain is now history and a wild ride it was. An “also ran” when the campaign began, he took off like a rocket, and despite arrows from the liberal establishment, or maybe because of them, he soared above the GOP field until he was laid low by charges, rumors and just plain sophomore mistakes. The outcome of few races are inevitable and Cain’s implosion certainly was not inevitable. Here are a couple of things he could have done to change the result.

GET SOME COMPETENT HELP. A presidential campaign requires a full cast but Cain’s effort was a one-man performance from the beginning. He had no committee of wise men, few committed fundraisers and no staff that had ever been involved in a national effort. His staff had no experience with the pressures of a national campaign — hence were of no help to the candidate when the tough times came. A green staff and a green candidate who had run statewide only once previously couldn’t handle the pressures of the national microscope candidates are constantly under. In politics, experience really does matter.