Obama’s Budget: He’s ‘Punter in Chief’

There is no punter in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Some say Ray Guy, formerly of the Oakland Raiders, is a deserving candidate. The Giants’ punter, Steve Weatherford, was a force in the recently concluded Super Bowl.

But I nominate President Barack Obama for the honor. He’s already won the Nobel Peace Prize. Why not the Hall of Fame too?

His fourth, and hopefully last, budget, for Fiscal Year 2013, should guarantee his entry. Like his other three, this budget kicks all our fiscal problems down the road, to a day of reckoning – after he is safely reelected and his all important “legacy” secure.

It’s hard to know who has shirked their responsibilities more: The president, who has submitted another unserious effort, or the Senate, which has refused to even enact a budget for the third straight year. The Republican House produced a budget last year and will do so again this year – but according to the president and many in the mainstream media, they are the problem. Go figure.