3 Reasons Mitt Romney can Win

The primaries have left the presumptive GOP nominee, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, scrambling to catch up with President Barack Obama in campaign cash and organization. Romney trails Obama in most surveys largely because of high unfavorable ratings generated by attacks from other GOP candidates and the Obama campaign. Independent voters have yet to commit to his candidacy.

But while many pundits give the edge to the incumbent president, Romney is actually in good position to win the general election come November. Here are three reasons why:

First, Romney is broadly acceptable to most conservatives, moderates and even a few disillusioned liberals. Aside from extreme Democratic partisans, most Americans believe that he would be a more than able chief executive. He has a record as a competent governor who dealt with many problems the next president will face — including job creation, economic growth, health care and energy. He won’t be easily caricatured as a dangerous right-winger.

Romney still has work to do, however, to galvanize his base and answer questions raised about him during the primaries. But his experience in national affairs and policy expertise should enable him to meet these challenges. He has an opportunity to compete for the support of virtually every voter discouraged by the current state of affairs in Washington.