Health Care Reform Supreme Court Case: Is This Conservative Judicial Activism?

With many of this administration’s policies or pronouncements, it’s hard to know whether they’re based on ignorance or cynicism. But given President Barack Obama’s background as an instructor in on constitutional law and his heretofore expansive views of the federal judiciary’s jurisdiction, his recent comments on the Supreme Court are most likely the latter.

With Obama’s almost religious attachment to “Obamacare,” it’s safe to conclude that he’ll do almost anything to preserve what he has labeled his “signature achievement.”

These remarks are the president’s second high-profile attack on the Supreme Court. Remember his State of the Union invective against the justices for their Citizens United decision, which narrowed the government’s ability to restrict money in politics. With many of the justices present, Obama decried that the decision allowed foreign corporations to spend money “without limits” on U.S. elections – which was not true, by the way. Imagine the outrage if a Republican president had criticized, say, Roe v. Wade in a similar manner.