GOPAC Announces 2012 Class of Emerging Leaders

May 10, 2012 – Denver,CO – GOPAC today announced its 2012 Class of Emerging Leaders, up-and-coming state legislators nominated by their respective Speakers of the House, Senate Presidents and legislative leaders as “emerging leaders” who will have a positive impact in their state and in the Republican Party.

As the premier organization for educating and electing the next generation of Republican leaders, GOPAC this month will host its 2012 Class of Emerging Leaders at its Emerging Leaders Summit from May 20th to 22nd. During the summit, GOPAC will educate, train and coach the legislators on how to be an effective legislative and political leader.

“We are inspired and encouraged by this year’s class of emerging leaders,” said GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli. “This new generation of legislators gives great hope to the future of the Republican Party, and we are excited to work with them at this year’s Emerging Leaders Summit.”

GOPAC’s 2012 Class of Emerging Leaders includes:

  • State Senator Jeanie Forrester, New Hampshire
  • State Senator Ralph Hise, North Carolina
  • State Senator Barry Loudermilk, Georgia
  • State Senator Jim Luther, New Hampshire
  • State Senator Bryce Reeves, Virginia
  • State Representative Tyler August, Wisconsin
  • State Representative Michael Bileca, Florida
  • State Representative Jeff Collins, North Carolina
  • State Representative Steve Hall, Tennessee
  • State Representative Jason Isaac, Texas
  • State Representative Carole Murray, Colorado
  • State Representative Tom Murry, North Carolina
  • State Representative Donna Oberlander, Pennsylvania
  • State Representative Walt Rogers, Iowa
  • State Representative Daniel Tamburello, New Hampshire
  • State Representative Dana Young, Florida
  • Delegate John O’Neal, West Virginia

Members of GOPAC’s 2012 Legislative Leaders Advisory Board, including Colorado Speaker of the House Frank McNulty, Oklahoma Speaker of the House Designate T.W. Shannon, California Assembly Minority Leader Connie Conway, and Iowa Speaker of the House Kraig Paulsen, will also attend and speak at this year’s Emerging Leaders Summit.

Founded in 1978 by Delaware Governor Pete DuPont, GOPAC is dedicated to educating and electing a new generation of Republican leaders to state and local office.