GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli Statement on September Jobs Report

GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli shared the following statement in response to today’s September jobs report:

“Today’s jobs report is no cause for celebration. Real unemployment in our country today is a staggering 14.7%. This is too high, and we can do better.

“The liberal policies of the Obama Administration and many Democratic state governments across the country have crippled our American economy.

“While the answer is not politically easy, it is simple: Fiscally conservative policies, in which we keep taxes low, keep spending low, minimize regulation and empower our citizens – not the government – will create jobs and grow the economy.

“Many of our states are proof. Republican leaders in Virginia, Wisconsin, and North Dakota, for example, have used sound economic policies to grow jobs, lower unemployment, balance budgets and create a surplus for their state.

“We cannot be satisfied with nearly 15% of our citizens unemployed, underemployed or becoming so discouraged they give up looking for work. That’s not the American Dream.

“It’s time for real leadership at all levels of government, and voters this November must keep in mind that we have a choice between two futures for our country. One with high unemployment and a bloated government addicted to taxing and spending our money, or a future where government serves its citizens and we have the power to create our own success.”