GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli on October Jobs Report

GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli shared the following statement in response to today’s October jobs report  showing that the economy added 171,000 jobs and the unemployment rate increased to 7.9%:

“While we always applaud new jobs in the economy, the short and long term trends clearly indicate job growth is not moving fast enough to make a meaningful dent in America’s historically high unemployment rate.”In four days voters have a choice: Is this good enough or can we do better?

“We cannot believe that another four years of President Obama’s high regulations, higher taxes, sky-high deficits and economic uncertainty will do anything to pull us out of this painful stagnation. He promised his stimulus would drop unemployment to 5.4 percent. Yet here we sit at 7.9. With a fiscal cliff threatening to push us into another recession in less than 60 days, we must do more than hope for change.

“Tuesday is our opportunity. We can elect Republican leaders to the White House, U.S. Congress, governorships, state legislatures and offices all across the country to implement the proven fiscal reforms that we know, not just hope, will work.”