Chairman Donatelli on the Passage of Right-to-Work in Michigan

GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli shared the following statement applauding the Michigan Legislature for passing right-to-work legislation on Thursday:

“Yesterday’s passage of right-to-work legislation put Michigan one tremendous step closer to attracting jobs and boosting the economy in the state.

“It has been clear for some time that states with compulsory unionism are losing jobs to right-to-work states. When Indiana became right-to-work, the job situation in Michigan became more tenuous. This bill is necessary to make Michigan competitive and attract companies that will provide more jobs for its citizens.

“Just as important, the freedom to join or not join any organization is at the core of the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of association. Outside of compulsory unionism, there is no other example on this scale in America of anyone being required to affiliate with a private organization. Far from being an assault on workers’ rights, as opponents would have us believe, this legislation instead guarantees those rights.

“Congratulations to the Republican leaders in the Michigan Legislature and Governor Rick Snyder who proved they are serious about enacting bold reforms for their citizens that strengthen the economy and the freedom to choose.”