GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli on Rep. Tim Scott’s Appointment to the U.S. Senate

GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli shared the following statement today in response to South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s decision to appoint Representative Tim Scott to fill the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Senator Jim DeMint:

“Congratulations to Congressman Tim Scott on his being named as our next U.S. Senator from South Carolina.

“He is a true leader for the conservative cause, especially when it comes to advancing our core principles of fiscal responsibility and limited government.

“As a former Charleston County Council member and South Carolina State Representative, Congressman Scott is a shining example of what GOPAC aims to achieve. That is, developing a new generation of Republicans at the state and local level to become effective national leaders.

“We are excited and encouraged by Congressman Scott’s appointment to the Senate and look forward to his continued leadership.”