The GOPAC Newsletter: January 2013

President Obama held nothing back in his Inaugural Speech on Monday as he announced the most liberal second-term agenda of any in history. To be sure, it will require Republicans at all levels — state, local and federal — to work together, advance a conservative agenda, and lead the GOP to become a successful, governing majority over the next four years.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce GOPAC’s 2013 Legislative Leaders Advisory Board members as well our 6th Annual State & Local Summit to be held this September — both of which are designed to bring together our outstanding state legislative leaders to work together and spread their solutions for conservative reform.

This year we are also excited to mark GOPAC’s 35th anniversary. We hope you will celebrate with us by becoming a 2013 GOPAC Member and join us in continuing to educate and elect the next generation of Republican leaders.

2013 Legislative Leaders Advisory Board

GOPAC announced its 2013 Legislative Leaders Advisory Board, composed of State Senate and House leadership who provide guidance to GOPAC, helping promote the ideas and policies that Republicans at the state level are implementing to get spending under control, create lasting private sector jobs, and deliver essential public services in innovative ways and at less cost.

Members of the Board, selected for their exceptional leadership in promoting conservative ideas and dedication to electing Republican candidates, keep GOPAC updated on key legislative and political developments within their state in addition to addressing elected officials, candidates, and GOPAC supporters at GOPAC summits and events.

“There is no doubt that the leaders in our states are the guiding light for real reform in America,” said Frank Donatelli, Chairman of GOPAC. “We are honored and excited to have such dedicated and innovative state legislators on this year’s Advisory Board, and we look forward to working hand in hand with each and every one of them to advance the solutions that create jobs and improve the personal freedom of our citizens.”

GOPAC’s 2013 Legislative Leaders Advisory Board Members:

State Senate
Lt. Governor & Speaker of the Senate Ron Ramsey (TN)
President David Shafer (GA)
President Keith Faber (OH)
Majority Leader Brandt Hershman (IN)
Majority Leader Eddie Joe Williams (AR)
Deputy Whip Jill Holtzman Vogel (VA)
Health and Human Services Committee Chair Leah Vukmir (WI)
Commerce Committee Chair Andy Sanborn (NH)

State House/Assembly
Speaker of the House Andy Tobin (AZ)
Speaker of the House Kraig Paulsen (IA)
Speaker of the House Will Weatherford (FL)
Speaker of the House Philip Gunn (MS)
Speaker of the House Thom Tillis (NC)
Speaker of the House T.W. Shannon (OK)
Majority Leader Lance Pruitt (AK)
Assistant Majority Floor Leader Barbara Sears (OH)
Assistant Minority Leader Libby Szabo (CO)
Majority Whip Peter Lund (MI)
Minority Whip Nate Gentry (NM)

Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ramsey to Chair 6th Annual State & Local Summit in Nashville

GOPAC will host its 6th Annual State and Local Summit in Nashville, Tennessee, from September 8-11, 2013.

The event will attract legislative leaders from across the country, including Senate Presidents, Speakers of the House, and Committee Chairs, to share policy ideas and trade best practices in implementing conservative principles to create jobs, get government spending under control and make government more effective in delivering public services.

This year’s Summit will be chaired by Tennessee Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the Senate Ron Ramsey, who is also a member of GOPAC’s Legislative Leaders Advisory Board. Under his leadership, Tennessee has become a model of economic growth and smaller government with lower taxes and less debt.

“Our legislative leaders are putting into place the solutions that create jobs and boost the economy in each of their respective states,” said Frank Donatelli, Chairman of GOPAC. “The State and Local Summit is a great opportunity for them to come together to share their ideas on what’s working and what’s not, and help create a community of reform-minded leaders with a platform of policies that make a difference.”

“I am excited to welcome GOPAC’s State and Local Summit to Nashville. I look forward to bringing together conservative leaders from across the nation to compare notes on effective conservative governance,” said Lt. Governor Ramsey. “I can’t wait to share the story of Tennessee conservative success as well as learn from state and local leaders around the country who share our core values of limited government, economic growth and freedom.”

Additional members of GOPAC’s 2013 Legislative Leaders Advisory Board will also participate in this year’s summit, relaying their experiences in passing bold, conservative reforms with both state and national Republican leaders. Through panel discussions, policy sessions and networking events, attendees are offered a unique opportunity to advance free-market conservatism across all levels of government.

Chairman’s Corner: In Case You Missed It

Even as President Obama laid out an ambitious second term agenda in his Second Inaugural Speech Monday — including climate change, immigration reform and gun control — there still exists America’s greatest challenge: unemployment and a slow-growing economy. Both of which still exists despite Obama’s victory on raising taxes on “the rich.”

Earlier this month, Chairman Frank Donatelli highlighted the many people negatively impacted by President Obama’s still-ailing economy:

The many victims of Barack Obama’s economy
January 4, 2013
By Frank Donatelli

President Obama has succeeded in his long twilight struggle to make the “rich” pay more to live in Obama’s America. In defending his call for ever higher taxes, he said, “Let’s get this done so we can move on to fix the economy.” Actually, the fact that he wants to do this is the main reason why the economy needs fixing.

For you class warriors out there who are delighted that the president is finally going to stick it to the “rich” and make them pay their fair share, a cautionary note is in order. What price is too high for “fairness?” What if in the pursuit to level incomes we wind up making everyone poorer?

The economy has barely grown during the Obama years. The recession ended three and a half years ago, yet economic growth has averaged barely 2 percent per year since the beginning of 2010, far short of what is necessary to sustain employment increases and a growing economy. Given the huge downturn in 2008 (not Obama’s fault), you would expect economic growth would have increased sharply, but that has not been the case (Obama’s fault). This is not an academic discussion, but has real world consequences — primarily for the most vulnerable in our society. The president won reelection primarily because voters thought he “understands our problems,” but his stagnant economy is devastating to those who need help most.

Start with young people. Getting that first job and learning practical skills associated with employment is critical to upward mobility and helping young people realize their full potential. Yet three years after this recovery began, a report by the organization Generation Opportunity finds youth unemployment (ages 18-29) at 10.9 percent, or 16 percent if you count young people who have stopped looking for work. It’s not hard to understand why employers are loath to hire young workers who have less experience and generally require more up front training and instruction. A whole generation is being shortchanged in the process, and it is small comfort that ObamaCare permits them to stay on their parents’ health insurance plans until age 26.

Then there are the stunning poverty numbers. A new report by the Urban Institute is filled with statistics — none of them good. More than one in five children now lives in poverty in America. About 2.7 million more children lived with an unemployed parent during a typical month this year compared with 2007, an increase of 71 percent. In 10 states, the number of children living with unemployed parents increased by at least 100 percent during the same period.

Read the entire op-ed at

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