The GOPAC Newsletter: February 2013

It’s been a busy February for GOPAC, laser-focused on training and party-building for Republicans. As more and more conservatives realize the need for practiced and experienced candidates, GOPAC is expanding its mission of educating and electing a new generation of leaders across the country and through all levels of government.

The present fight over the sequester is a reminder of the vast chasm between how President Obama is managing our sluggish economy and ballooning debt, and how Republican state leaders are balancing budgets, boosting their economies and creating jobs. The contrast could not be clearer.

Therefore, the upcoming generation of Republican legislators should give us great hope. Not only do we have a deep bench of conservative leaders, but they are already putting solutions into place to make our states — and ultimately our country — stronger.

Training a New Generation of Republican Leaders

Chairman Donatelli joined The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis for a conversation on the importance of — and need for — candidate training amongst the conservative ranks.

The best way to ensure victory and future GOP majorities is to educate, train and elect Republicans who are ideologically conservative and know how to win a campaign. That means empowering candidates with the training and tools they need to be successful — exactly the mission of GOPAC.

Listen to the podcast here.

GOPAC Legislative and Emerging Leaders to Speak at CPAC

Congratulations to Florida Speaker Will Weatherford, Oklahoma Speaker T.W. Shannon, and New Hampshire Representative Marilinda Garcia on being selected to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C. next month as rising conservative leaders.

Speakers Weatherford and Shannon, both members of GOPAC’s Legislative Leaders Advisory Board, and Representative Garcia, a GOPAC Emerging Leader, are among this generation’s finest. We are excited they will have the opportunity to share their leadership experience at CPAC and spread the success they’ve had creating positive change in their states.

Chairman Donatelli Responds to President Obama’s State of the Union

Following President Obama’s State of the Union Address earlier this month, in which he outlined an unsurprisingly liberal second term agenda that includes solving climate change, universal pre-school and an exponentially growing list of government programs, GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli responded to the Address by noting the president is way off mark:

President Obama still doesn’t get it.

Despite his talking points, our deficit has not been cut in half, it is spinning out of control. And despite the president’s eagerness to blame Congress for the upcoming sequester, it was his own “bad idea.” Furthermore, the tax increases he fought for and won will not reduce the deficit either.

The bottom line: There can be no serious solution to deficit reduction and job creation without a relentless focus on economic growth.

The agenda President Obama outlined — more spending, more programs and more taxes from the “wealthy” — is not a recipe for economic growth, but government growth, and four more years of economic pain.

David Avella on Hannity: President Obama Must Look to GOP State Leaders

GOPAC President David Avella joined Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel to talk about why President Obama should look to Republican leaders in the states, who are balancing budgets and creating jobs, for solutions to our economic woes.


Chairman’s Corner: In Case You Missed It

With a full plate of major budget issues on the horizon, Chairman Donatelli explains why President Obama has little chance of success in achieving the legacy he hoped to create.

The Obama legacy — it doesn’t look promising
By Frank Donatelli
Published February 11, 2013

Democrats, Republicans and indeed all American citizens are eagerly anticipating President Obama’s State of the Union Address Tuesday evening, hoping for a clearer picture of what he plans to accomplish before 2017 to cement the Obama legacy.

But as we look toward the next four years, we must not overlook the far-reaching consequences of the president’s actions early in his second term. For starters, his refusal to cement a long term fiscal deal with Republicans is a tell-tale sign that the political and economic environment he’s created does not bode well for the legacy he hopes to leave behind.

He has no more excuses on the deficit.

Obama campaigned for reelection promising to reduce the deficit almost exclusively through tax increases and phony cuts, like ending a war that was already over. Despite his tax increases, US debt is still growing as far and fast as the eye can see. The CBO’s midyear forecast shows this year’s deficit will still be $845 billion, over 5% of GDP.

Worse, the public debt is predicted to be 77% of GDP in 10 years, double the average of the last 40 years, and this despite exceedingly optimistic CBO growth targets never achieved during Obama’s time in office.

When the fed finally stops subsidizing interest rates, government debt payments and entitlements, which Obama also refuses to touch, will consume virtually the entire federal budget in 12 years. The president’s ability to blame this all on his predecessor will only diminish with time.

It’s also clear that our commander in chief faces budget warfare for the next four years.
Because he snubbed a comprehensive budget solution, Obama will now have to deal with fiscal issues one at a time. He still faces a $1 trillion sequester, which his own retiring Defense Secretary says will devastate our national defense. Hopefully this worries the president who is after all still our commander in chief.

Read the entire op-ed at

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