Illinois Options Depend on Chicago Turnover | Farm Team

But for other up-and-coming Republicans in Illinois, consultants say their mobility hinges on Kirk in 2016. Kirk, who suffered a stroke at the start of his term, has said repeatedly that he is not retiring.

Republicans said GOP Reps. Adam Kinzinger and Aaron Schock would look at running for an open Senate seat if Kirk called it quits. That would create openings in their 16th and 18th districts, respectively. State Sen. Dan Duffy was also mentioned as a potential candidate for Senate if Kirk were to retire.

If Kinzinger runs statewide, consultants said state Rep. John Cabello would be a strong candidate for his House seat. Cabello serves as a police detective in addition to his legislative duties.

If Schock were to run for Senate, consultants said state Sen. Darin LaHood would likely run in the 18th District. LaHood is the son of former House Republican and former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.