Obama’s Ever-Increasing, Job-Killing Bureaucracy

While listening to President Obama’s speech this past week on yet more climate change regulations, I recalled Yogi Berra”s classic remark, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” Who else but this president could conclude that even more EPA regulations will do anything but harm economic growth? Rather than work with Congress to find bipartisan compromise on the critical issues, the president prefers to shove another big-government, Washington centric program down our throats. Worse, the policies he is putting in place through new, onerous regulations will cause more harm than good to the average American.

There is an increasingly ideological stubbornness on both sides of the aisle in Washington, but Obama has made things worse, not better. He and his staff are quite up front in saying that he does not believe that working with Congress to enact his proposals is part of his job description. Rather his solution time and again has been simply to bypass Congress and expand the ever thickening layers of bureaucracy in his increasingly dysfunctional government.

His climate change plan is the latest in a series of executive overreach actions. Past power grabs have included excessive and expanded use of “recess appointments” throughout his bureaucracy, his feel good but ineffective new regulations on guns, and using his new powers under Obamacare to force religious organizations to offer abortion related services as part of their health insurance plans. In this case, the Clean Air Act was adopted four decades ago to control emissions, NOT to dictate which power sources the country can use, which is the goal of Obama’s latest proposal. He seeks nothing less than the elimination of coal as an energy source in America.

Worse, the bureaucrats in Washington can’t keep pace to actually implement the mountain of new regulations Obama backed initiatives have imposed on our economy. Every day brings new headlines about problems and delays in implementing Obamacare. It is not impossible to hope that the law might collapse under its own weight, given how badly many of its provisions were written. Dozens of new regulations required by Dodd-Frank have yet to be proposed, let alone implemented. And what are we to make of the IRS bureaucracy, where “low level” employees we are told cooked up a scheme on their own to selectively audit the tax returns of this Administration’s political foes. By the way, it is the IRS that is in charge of implementing much of Obamacare.