The GOPAC Newsletter: July 2013

Election Day 2014 may be 16 months away, but we’re wasting no time here at GOPAC. We’re hard at work ensuring that conservative leaders at all levels of government have the tools, education, and support necessary to win elections and legislate effectively. We’ve even got some new tricks up our sleeves. Read on to learn more about the exciting things we’ve been up to this month.

GOPAC Launches Federal Program: Called Up

Yesterday, GOPAC announced the launch of a new federally focused program, “Called Up: A New Generation of Proven Leaders,” aimed at transitioning proven state and local leaders to higher office.

Our concentrated efforts at the state level during the past few election cycles have contributed to Republican control of 27 state legislatures. As a result, we have a deep bench of talented conservative leaders who are state-tested and ready to lead in Washington – they need only to be “Called Up” from the ranks.

From now until Election Day 2014, we will assist proven leaders who have participated in GOPAC’s programs in the past as they seek federal office. We know they have the knowledge, experience, and integrity to succeed in Washington, and we plan to provide them with the support necessary to get there.

The first candidate to be “Called Up” is Alabama State Rep. Chad Fincher who is running for Congress in Alabama’s 1st District special election. Learn more about him and the program on our website.

GOPAC Leaders in the News

Rogers’ stock rising in state, national GOP
By Jon Ericson
July 8th, 2013
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

Walt Rogers wasted little time staking out his place in the Republican Party.

He was first elected to the Iowa House of Representatives in 2009, served his first term and was re-elected in 2011. Now he serves as assistant majority leader, has been identified as an emerging leader in a national Republican group and his name has been bounced about in conversations about elections for higher office. …

He said he has a knack for bringing people together and that’s one of the key roles in party leadership helping shape the agenda.

“It’s one of the things I’ve always done, even in my other jobs, I try to get people on the same page. I’ve already gained a reputation down there for being somebody who brings the conservative side and the business side. I do that pretty well,” Rogers said.

In 2012, Rogers was one of 17 Republicans around the country named as emerging leaders by GOPAC, an organization that helps train Republican leaders for elections and governing. This year, he was an honorary co-chair for GOPAC’s annual event in New York.

Read the full story at the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier.

David Avella on MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown

GOPAC President David Avella joined Chuck Todd on The Daily Rundown to discuss immigration reform.

Watch the full video.

Frank Donatelli in Newsmax: Laker Fans Should Focus Anger on Calif. Governor

GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli examines the intersection of basketball and tax policy.

Lakers Fans Should Focus Anger on Calif. Governor
By Frank Donatelli
July 21, 2013

Basketball star Dwight Howard has spurned a five-year $118 million offer from the Los Angeles Lakers, a franchise whose storied history has included some of the greatest players to ever play the game, in favor of a four-year $88 million offer from the rebuilding Houston Rockets.

Speculation abounds regarding the reasoning behind Howard’s choice: He didn’t get along with Lakers’ star Kobe Bryant. He didn’t like the coach. The Lakers’ owner didn’t hire Phil Jackson. He would rather play with young players than the older cast of Lakers’ veterans.

Consensus seems to be that personality and outside factors MUST have played a larger role than economic ones. How else would accepting a lower offer from a lower profile team be a good career move?

Assuming Howard has a competent financial advisor, a theory that merits strong consideration is that marginal tax rates were a factor in the ultimate decision. Perhaps Lakers’ fans burning Howard’s jersey should focus their anger on California Gov. Jerry Brown and the liberals that have run state government in Sacramento for two decades.

Read the complete op-ed at Newsmax.

David Avella in The Daily Caller: An Israeli mother’s greatest fear

After returning from the David Ifshin Symposium in Israel, GOPAC President David Avella shares his firsthand account of the fear Israeli families live in each day and the policies Congress should pursue to prevent a nuclear Iran.

An Israeli mother’s greatest fear
By David Avella
July 12, 2013
The Daily Caller

She was a young mother, but her face looked much older. Her eyes darted about constantly as she spoke about her life in Kibbutz Kfar Aza along the Israeli border with Gaza. The anxiety in her voice was so evident that I hung on to her every word.

She pointed to the concrete barriers that dotted the landscape: bomb shelters.

“Wherever you are, you must always keep track how far away they are,” she said, explaining that when the alarm sounds — as it often does — “you may only have seconds before the explosions start.”

Her name is Chen Abrahams, and of all the people I met during my recent trip to Israel, her story was the most memorable. For me, her simple desire to raise her son in safety will always be the face of what American policy in the Middle East should be.

Chen isn’t alone: many Israelis live in the constant fear that they are less than 60 seconds away from an incoming rocket. An average of three rockets a day rain down on Israel from Gaza, the 139 square mile strip which, since 2005, has been governed by Hamas.

Read the complete op-ed at The Daily Caller.

Frank Donatelli on Townhall: Obama’s Ever-Increasing, Job-Killing Bureaucracy

Chairman Donatelli discusses the negative impact President Obama’s increasing layers of bureaucracy have on our economic growth and suggests the federal government should follow the example of Republican led states.

Obama’s Ever-Increasing, Job-Killing Bureaucracy
By Frank Donatelli
July 11th, 2013

While listening to President Obama’s speech this past week on yet more climate change regulations, I recalled Yogi Berra’s classic remark, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” Who else but this president could conclude that even more EPA regulations will do anything but harm economic growth? Rather than work with Congress to find bipartisan compromise on the critical issues, the president prefers to shove another big-government, Washington centric program down our throats. Worse, the policies he is putting in place through new, onerous regulations will cause more harm than good to the average American.

There is an increasingly ideological stubbornness on both sides of the aisle in Washington, but Obama has made things worse, not better. He and his staff are quite up front in saying that he does not believe that working with Congress to enact his proposals is part of his job description. Rather his solution time and again has been simply to bypass Congress and expand the ever thickening layers of bureaucracy in his increasingly dysfunctional government.

His climate change plan is the latest in a series of executive overreach actions. Past power grabs have included excessive and expanded use of “recess appointments” throughout his bureaucracy, his feel good but ineffective new regulations on guns, and using his new powers under Obamacare to force religious organizations to offer abortion related services as part of their health insurance plans. In this case, the Clean Air Act was adopted four decades ago to control emissions, NOT to dictate which power sources the country can use, which is the goal of Obama’s latest proposal. He seeks nothing less than the elimination of coal as an energy source in America.

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