Fincher: AL-01′s self-proclaimed “small-town candidate”

Late last month, State Rep. Chad Fincher, R-Semmes, raised a lot of eyebrows when his congressional campaign received the nod from GOPAC, one of the premier organizations in the national conservative movement. Up until that time, Fincher really wasn’t widely discussed as one of the front-runners. But that endorsement is potentially only the first of several others to come for the upstart candidate from west Mobile County.

Fincher, 38, was born and raised in south Alabama and describes himself as a family man, father and small businessman. Last week, he talked about his campaign to Yellowhammer News, citing his concerns with the federal government as the impetus for his run for the first congressional district seat left vacant by Jo Bonner.

“I’m like many other families in this country,” Fincher said. “I’m truly concerned about the direction this country is going in. I’m worried about the type of country my children will inherit. Will they have the same opportunities that we had? I really, truly think that Washington is out of control… I feel like we need to work harder and put more emphasis on restoring conservative values, which I have labeled our south Alabama values, and bring that to Washington.”

The GOPAC endorsement he said was unexpected, but fitting for him as a candidate.

“It was an honor and it surprised me to get their endorsement,” he said. “I’m very honored and proud to have it. I think it’s a great representation of the beliefs I have — the conservative pro-business values that I have.”