GOPAC Launches TV Ad, Mailer on Fincher’s Successful Fight Against Liberal Special Interests

Today, GOPAC released a new television ad and corresponding mail piece which highlight Alabama State Representative Chad Fincher’s record of defeating the liberal agenda of special interest groups in Alabama. The ad is part of GOPAC’s Called Up program and supports Rep. Fincher’s candidacy in the special election for Alabama’s 1st Congressional District.

“Rep. Fincher has a long record of fighting for conservative policies and sound economic principles,” said GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli. “We know that he is a tested leader and does not back down from a fight against liberal special interests. We need his continued leadership in Washington.”

While serving in the Alabama State House, Rep. Fincher sponsored the School Flexibility Act, which encourages school innovation, established a scholarship program for students in failing schools, and provides parents with more choice in their children’s education. Fincher’s determination and leadership led to the bill’s passage, despite fierce opposition from the Alabama Education Association.

The 30 second television ad will air August 28 through September 9 on cable, WKRG, and WPMI. The mail piece, which reinforces the message of the television ad, will reach voters’ mailboxes early next week.

The full text of both ads follows.

Television ad script:

Some politicians spend their days grandstanding.

Others do the tough work for conservative values.

That would be Chad Fincher.

He defeated the liberals and the teachers’ union and now schools are more accountable and parents have more control.

More choice for parents and students.

Chad Fincher. He wins the tough ones.

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Mail Piece Text:

Conservatives support Chad Fincher for Congress because he defeated the liberals and union bosses to give parents and children more choices.

“Consider that I stood up to the biggest special interest group in Alabama, the Alabama Education Association, and through their fire I took a stand for children who have been trapped in failing schools with no options and no hope by giving their parents choices and control of their children’s future.”
– Chad Fincher
Announcing for Congress, June 17, 2013

State Representative Fincher successfully makes the case for giving local school boards the flexibility to improve school performance.

Vote Chad Fincher for Congress
Special Primary Election is Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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