Chairman Frank Donatelli Statement on the Budget Deal

GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli has issued the following statement concerning today’s Senate budget compromise:

“I congratulate Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner for reaching agreement to reopen the government and avert what could have been the disastrous consequences of a first-ever default by the United States on its debt obligations. Republicans in the Senate and House should approve it.

“This agreement isn’t perfect by any means, and this crisis is far from over: we could face many of these same outcomes in just two months unless Republicans and Democrats alike work together to address our nation’s looming debt so we can restore confidence in the American economy.

“Two irrefutable facts should guide Republicans as we enter the critical negotiations ahead: first, that 11 million of our fellow citizens are out of work; and second, that we are now four years into the slowest economic ‘recovery’ in our history. The Obama administration has no answers to these problems, and so it is critical for the GOP to show leadership — just as Republican Governors and state legislators have done all across the nation.

“Among other issues, we must focus on long-overdue reforms of our Tax Code and making sustainable structural reforms to entitlements that will protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for generations to come, together with identifying specific, achievable changes that will temper the worst aspects of ObamaCare.”