GOPAC endorses Tillis and Shannon in their bids for U.S. Senate

Today, GOPAC announced its Called-Up program will work to elect two proven and tested conservative state leaders to the U.S. Senate.

  • Speaker of the House Thom Tillis in North Carolina
  • Speaker of the House T.W. Shannon in Oklahoma

The “Called Up: A New Generation of Proven Leaders” program will assist GOPAC affiliated state legislators running for federal office in their Primary and General Elections.

“Because of their active involvement on our Advisory Board, we can attest to Speakers Tillis and Shannon’s leadership and results in advancing our common cause for economic opportunity and an effective, efficient government,” said GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli.

“Thom Tillis has been integral in North Carolina’s recent success at cutting income taxes on individuals and job creators.  This includes ensuring that Social Security income is fully exempt from state taxes.  In addition, he has led the state House to work with the state Senate and Governor Pat McCrory to balance the budget and remove outdated, counterproductive regulations,” commented GOPAC President David Avella.  “The policies that Thom has led on are why North Carolina is outperforming the national average on job creation.”

“T.W. Shannon was the author of legislation that cut the personal income tax, reformed the legal system and overhauled the workers’ compensation system, which has jumpstarted Oklahoma’s economy.  Equally important, by pushing to prioritize spending, he has been at the forefront of Oklahoma’s efforts to balance the state budget,” remarked Avella. “The results of the policies that T.W. has championed have reduced the state unemployment rate to 5.4% while at the same time increased family incomes by over 6.3%.”

“GOPAC’s endorsement includes receiving the maximum allowable federal contribution.  In addition, GOPAC members and followers will be encouraged to donate directly to Speakers Tillis and Shannon.  We will also look to bolster them through independent expenditures that will exclusively tout their biographies and ideas for addressing the challenges facing America,” concluded Donatelli.