GOPAC Joins New Mexico House Republicans’ Bid to Gain Majority Control

Today, GOPAC announced it will begin investing in the elections for New Mexico House of Representatives as it presents one of the best opportunities in the country to gain a Republican majority and build a roster of Republicans ready to lead.

“We are very pleased to join with New Mexico House Republicans in their bid to gain majority control for the first time in over 60 years. Over the past eighteen months, House Republican Whip Nate Gentry has developed a multi-faceted campaign effort to win in November. His highly effective and sophisticated approach will be a model for future state legislative races across the country. We are particularly impressed with the quality and diversity of Republican state House candidates. A historic victory for Republicans is in sight this year and we look forward to celebrating with the New Mexico House Republican majority,” said GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli.

The GOPAC Election Fund, an allied organization of GOPAC, will invest direct financial support to State Representatives Kelly Fajardo, Paul Pacheco, Sharon Clahchischilliage, Terry McMillan and Andy Nunez in their bids for reelection. Republican candidates Geoff Rodgers, Rick Little, Sarah Maestas Barnes and Conrad James will also receive direct financial support in their bids to add members to the Republican Caucus.

Currently, GOPAC ranks the following state House Chambers as the best opportunities for Republicans to gain majority control in the 2014 elections: West Virginia House, New Mexico House and Kentucky House.