GOPAC Joins Kentucky Legislative Leaders on “Handshake with Kentucky” Tour

GOPAC President David Avella will join Kentucky Senate Majority Leader Damon Thayer and House Republican Leader Jeff Hoover today at 2:00pm to announce the organization’s investment in state legislative races to assist with efforts to earn a House majority and grow the Senate majority.  The announcement is part of the House Republican’s “Handshake with Kentucky” tour to promote their legislative agenda.

“GOPAC is pleased to be joining Senator Thayer and Representative Hoover’s efforts as we work to elect a new generation of leaders and build a roster of Republicans ready to lead. Elections for the Kentucky House of Representatives present one of the best opportunities in the country to gain a Republican majority,” said Avella.

“I want to thank GOPAC for its tremendous involvement in Kentucky legislative races this year.  Not only has it been a strong supporter of our effort to grow our Senate Republican Majority, but also has made a great commitment to the effort to gain a Republican majority in the House of Representatives for the first time in 93 years,” said Senator Thayer, a member of GOPAC’s Legislative Leaders Advisory Board.

The GOPAC Election Fund, an allied organization of GOPAC, will invest the maximum allowable financial contribution to the Kentucky GOP House Trust, the Kentucky Senate Caucus Campaign Committee and the Kentucky House Caucus Campaign Committee.   In addition, GOPAC will be providing direct financial support to the most promising House candidates in competitive races.  Earlier this year, Senator Alice Forgy Kerr and Senate candidates Ralph Alvarado, Julie Raque Adams, Danny Carroll and Wil Schroder received direct financial support to assist efforts to add members to the Republican Senate Majority.

Currently, GOPAC ranks the following state House Chambers as the best opportunities for Republicans to gain majority control in the 2014 Elections:  West Virginia House, New Mexico House and Kentucky House.