GOPAC’s Top Races to Watch: Kentucky State House of Representatives

Frankfort, Kentucky and Washington, D.C. have something in common: They’re both broken.

As summer comes to a close and just weeks remain until Election Day, GOPAC highlights the Top Races to Watch in the Kentucky State House. After 93 years of Democratic control, Republicans are looking for the opportunity to take control and fix it.

Democrats in the Kentucky House, who hold a 54-46 majority, have proposed the largest level of debt in Kentucky’s history. Along with unprecedented spending, the Democrats in Frankfort have done nothing to stand up to the Obamacare mandate which Kentucky simply cannot afford.

This year, all 100 seats in the State House are up for re-election. Needing just five seats to win majority control, GOPAC’s Top Races to Watch highlights five key GOP candidates battling to take over seats currently held by Democrats and one key GOP seat that was won in a special election last December.

Voters are frustrated with the failed policies and empty promises of Obama and the Democrat house majority in Frankfort. Republicans know it’s time to send a message to the president and liberals in Washington by electing conservative candidates for office in the state, who will create jobs, hold the line on spending, and protect Kentucky values. Republicans are offering a bold alternative to the failed policies of the Left on the issues Kentuckians care about most: jobs and the economy, government spending, and health care.

A takeover in the House would give the GOP full control of the State Legislature, as they have held a majority in the State Senate since 1999. With Democratic Governor Steve Beshear quickly reaching his term limit in 2015, Republicans this year can build a strong foundation in the Legislature to make 2015 a year of job growth and American values in the Commonwealth.

1. Alan Braden (R) vs Rep. Jim Glenn, Jr. (D)

  • House District 13: Daviess
  • GOP Challenging Democratic Incumbent

GOPAC Republican Alan Braden is running against four-term Democrat State Rep. Jim Glenn, Jr. in the 13th House District.

In contrast with the House Democrats’ commitment to higher taxes and government-mandated health care, Alan Braden is a small business owner who knows that lower taxes and less regulation are the only way to help create jobs and grow business.

Republicans feel this is their best chance to unseat incumbent Democrat Rep. Jim Glenn, Jr., who won by only 251 votes in 2012.”

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2. Randy Bridges (R) vs Rep. Gerald Watkins (D)

  • House District 3: McCracken
  • GOP challenging Democratic incumbent

GOPAC The GOP looks for another pick-up in House District 3 as Republican Randy Bridges faces Democrat State Rep. Gerald Watkins.

Randy Bridges is currently a real estate agent and business owner. As a proven business leader, Bridges knows that “every dollar spent is meaningful,” a concept he feels Frankfort needs to adopt.

State Rep. Watkins, a freshman Democrat, will have a tough time winning re-election in the western part of the state which has suffered economically due to President Obama’s failed policies.

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3. Keith Travis (R) vs Rep. Will Coursey (D)

  • House District 6: Lyon, Marshall, McCracken
  • GOP challenging Democratic incumbent

GOPAC Republican Keith Travis campaign to unseat Democrat State Rep. Will Coursey presents an excellent pick-up opportunity for House Republicans. In his own words, Keith wants to move the state “forward in a manner that creates economic growth with less governmental intervention.”

While Democrats feel like this Western Kentucky seat is safe, media reports have three time incumbent Rep. Coursey embroiled in lawsuits over alleged inappropriate comments made to a staffer.

Keith, who served on the Kentucky Board of Education for 10 years, is active in many civic organizations in the community and was selected as Rotarian of the Year in 2013 by the Murray Rotary Club.

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4. Mark Hart (R) vs Rep. Tom McKee (D)

  • House District 78: Campbell, Harrison, Pendleton, Robertson
  • GOP challenging Democratic incumbent

GOPAC As Falmouth Mayor, firefighter and paramedic Republican Mark Hart says he has a “hart” for serving others

Democrat Rep. Tom McKee, an 18 year incumbent, saw his district redrawn in 2013 and will now face a tough opponent in Mark Hart, who believes it is time for change.

Serving his community through local government, Lexington Fire Department and the Kentucky Army National Guard, Mark Hart is running to create and foster an environment in the state that will help generate growth and economic development.

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5. Jeff Jobe (R) vs Rep. Johnny Bell (D)

  • House District 23: Barren, Warren
  • GOP Challenging Democratic Incumbent

GOPAC Republican Jeff Jobe believes the future of the Bluegrass state begins with removing the 93 year single party domination at the State Capitol this November.

Jobe, President and CEO of Jobe Publishing, Inc, is running to unseat Democrat incumbent Rep. Johnny Bell. During his tenure, Bell has not only supported legislation that is destroying the business climate in the state but has also introduced legislation to allow illegal immigrants to obtain drivers certificates.

While Democrats in Washington and Frankfort have been enthusiastic in protecting special interests, Jeff Jobe believes that Kentucky must enact legislation like Right to Work or jobs will continue to move to neighboring states.

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6. Rep. Suzanne Miles (R) vs John Warren (D)

  • House District 7: Daviess, Henderson, Union
  • GOP Incumbent

GOPAC Rep. Suzanne Miles is serving her first year in the Kentucky State House after narrowly winning a Special Election in December 2013 by 112 votes. Holding this seat is vital in gaining a Republican majority in the state House this fall.

Rep. Miles grew up on a farm in western Kentucky where she learned about hard work and entrepreneurship. She was a small business owner for more than 15 years, which provides her the knowledge necessary to get things done in Frankfort. She knows the state government’s spending habits are hurting taxpayers and will work with a Republican majority to cut wasteful spending and balance the budget.

This seat had been in Democrat control for over a decade before Miles won last December, signaling that voters are ready for change.

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