GOPAC Announces 2015 Legislative Leaders Advisory Board

GOPAC today announced the members of its 2015 Legislative Leaders Advisory Board.

“The members of our 2015 Legislative Leaders Advisory Board will have an important role in educating and electing a new generation of Republican leaders. Their involvement will strengthen our mission to build a healthy roster of prepared and tested state leaders who are ready to lead in their legislatures and/or run for higher office,” said GOPAC Chairman David Avella.

The Board members promote the ideas they are championing by addressing elected officials, candidates and members at GOPAC events and via its digital program. In addition, they nominate a promising state legislator for the Emerging Leaders Program and keep GOPAC updated on key legislative and political developments within their state. Membership is a one-year term.

The 2015 GOPAC Legislative Leaders Advisory Board consists of:

State Senate Members
Lt. Governor & Speaker of the Senate Ron Ramsey (TN)
Lt. Governor & President Bill Cole (WV)
President David Shafer (GA)
President Keith Faber (OH)
Majority Leader Brandt Hershman (IN)
Majority Leader Damon Thayer (KY)
Majority Leader Garrett Mason (ME)
Majority Whip Bryce Reeves (VA)
Revenue and Taxation Committee Chair Deidre Henderson (UT)
Health and Human Services Committee Chair Leah Vukmir (WI)
Health and Human Services Committee Chair Andy Sanborn (NH)
Health and Human Services Committee Chair Charles Schwertner (TX)
Housing, Construction, & Community Development Committee Chair Catharine Young (NY)
Appropriations Subcommittee on Select Agencies Chair David Holt (OK)

State House / Assembly Members
Speaker of the House David Gowan (AZ)
Speaker of the House Tim Moore (NC)
Speaker of the House Philip Gunn (MS)
Speaker Pro-Tempore Tom Leonard (MI)
Speaker Pro-Tempore Tyler August (WI)
Majority Leader Dana Young (FL)
Majority Leader Paul Anderson (NV)
Majority Floor Leader Barbara Sears (OH)
Majority Leader Bruce Bannister (SC)
Caucus Secretary Donna Oberlander (PA)
Commerce Committee Chair Jack Williams (AL)
Budget Committee Vice-Chair Melissa Melendez (CA)