GOPAC Announces $50,000 Investment to Increase Virginia Senate Majority

Contributions total in Virginia $165,000 to date

Arlington, VA – GOPAC today announced it will invest $50,000 to strengthen Republican efforts to increase its majority in the Virginia State Senate. This brings the organization’s total contributions to Virginia Senate candidates to $165,000 and reinforces the $115,000 contribution already invested in Senator Bryce Reeves’ reelection committee.

“A larger Republican majority in the State Senate is the best path to advancing ideas to improve the personal security of Virginians and provide them greater control over their own economic security. Senator Frank Wagner has proven his commitment to policies that will achieve this. Just as Glen Sturtevant, Nancy Dye, Hal Parrish, Amanda Chase and Siobhan Dunnavant have been vocal in their campaigns about supporting our common cause,” said GOPAC Chairman David Avella.

The current composition is 21 Republican members to 19 Democratic members. “As Governor McAuliffe and Senate Democrats see their targeted candidates underperform, Senate Republicans have a roster of impressive leaders who are earning the support and votes of their constituents,” added Avella.

Through the GOPAC Election Fund, the following investments are being made to increase the Republican majority in the Virginia Senate:

Frank Wagner for Senate – $10,000 (incumbent)
Glen Sturtevant for Senate – $10,000 (currently held by a Republican member)
Nancy Dye for Senate – $10,000 (currently held by a Democratic member)
Hal Parrish for Senate – $10,000 (currently held by a Democratic member)
Amanda Chase for Senate – $5,000 (currently held by a Republican member)
Siobhan Dunnavant for Senate – $5,000 (currently held by a Republican member)