Chairman Avella on 26 Republicans to Watch

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich rule the news headlines discussing the direction of the Republican Party. With the attention the presidential race receives from the national media, it is easy to get caught up in these leaders as being the singular definition of the Republican Party.

The reality is policies are being enacted and ideas are being promoted by thousands of Republicans in federal and state offices. Further, given that a voter is more likely to have a substantive conversation with his/her state Senator or Representative than they are with the occupant of the Oval Office, these leaders have a meaningful and direct impact on the experience and perceptions voters have with Republicans.

This is why GOPAC’s mission is to educate and elect a new generation of Republican leaders. Each year since 2011, GOPAC has identified a new Class of Emerging Leaders. Earning this coveted recognition is based on the promise and abilities these men and women have shown at promoting conservative policies that lower taxes, limit the size of government and set the right business environment for job creation so individuals can pursue their dreams and live in freedom. We are proud of the fact that GOPAC is advancing up-and-coming state legislators on how to be effective legislative and political leaders as well as rise through the political ranks and onto higher elected office.

We are pleased to introduce the 2016 Class of Emerging Leaders — 26 state lawmakers who are on their way to having an impact on the ideas and policies that define the Republican Party:

Senate Majority Whip Gayle Manning (OH)
Senate Minority Whip Steve Hershey (MD)
Associate Speaker Pro Tempore Laura Cox (MI)
Senate Majority Caucus Vice-Chair AJ Griffin (OK)
Senator Kimberly Yee (AZ)
Senator Michael Williams (GA)
Senator Stephen West (KY)
Senator Fred Akshar (NY)
Senator John Stevens (TN)
Senator Ann Millner (UT)
Senator Siobhan Dunnavant (VA)
Senator Devin LeMahieu (WI)
Representative Darin Mitchell (AZ)
Representative Paul Lundeen (CO)
Representative Chris Sprowls (FL)
Representative Cory Wilson (MS)
Assemblyman Chris Edwards (NV)
Representative Keith Ammon (NH)
Representative Jim Smith (NM)
Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (NY)
Representative Jon Hardister (NC)
Representative Robert McColley (OH)
Representative Neal Collins (SC)
Representative Four Price (TX)
Delegate Jill Upson (WV)
Representative Mary Czaja (WI)

To learn more about the Class of 2016, visit here:

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