Trump lags behind Clinton fundraising – but both candidates off the 2012 pace

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By Liz Torrey, Judson Berger, John Roberts, and the Associated Press
June 21, 2016

Donald Trump’s fundraising is slipping far behind Hillary Clinton’s as the candidates tilt toward a general election battle – though the latest financial reports also show both presumptive presidential nominees raising well below what their 2012 counterparts had at this stage in the race four years ago.

The latest filings underscore a potential enthusiasm gap on both sides. David Avella, chairman of Republican recruiter GOPAC, said the candidates are facing fundraising headwinds on two fronts.

“First, the economy continues to muddle along and that has had impact on some donors in getting engaged,” he told “And, given the high unfavorable ratings of both candidates, it’s not surprising that donors are slower investing than in the past.”

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