GOPAC Announces Endorsement of Damon Thayer for Kentucky State Senate

Kentucky-Majority-Leader-Damon-Thayer-198x300Arlington, VA (September 6, 2016) – GOPAC today endorsed Kentucky Senate Majority Leader Damon Thayer in his reelection bid to represent State Senate District 17.

“Every legislative session, Senator Thayer proves his continued commitment to ideas providing Kentuckians with more personal and economic security. Further, we applaud his success as Majority Leader in working with all Senate members to find common ground and solutions to the challenges facing the state. We are committed to supporting his reelection as well as strengthening the Republican majority in the Kentucky Senate,” stated GOPAC Chairman David Avella.

Senator Thayer is a member of GOPAC’s influential Legislative Leaders Advisory Board, which promotes conservative state leaders and the ideas they are championing, as well as assists with electing new generations of Republican leaders. He was first elected to the Kentucky State Senate in 2003.

GOPAC’s endorsement includes receiving the maximum allowable contribution from the GOPAC Election Fund. In addition, GOPAC members will be encouraged to donate directly to Senator Thayer’s reelection campaign. The organization will also consider bolstering him through independent expenditures that will promote his biography and ideas for addressing the challenges facing Kentucky.