Colorado House: Races to Watch

Colorado House: Races to WatchAs Election Day approaches, we are highlighting the races to watch in key battleground legislative chambers. This week, we feature the Colorado House of Representatives.

Currently, the Colorado House Democrats hold the majority by three seats, a narrow margin that gives Republicans the opportunity to win control. Six Democrats and seven Republicans run unopposed leaving 52 seats up for competitive election. Republican majorities in both the Colorado House and Senate will empower Republicans to keep the power of the Democratic governor in check.

Here are the Republican candidates to watch:


State House District 17 – Kit Roupe (R) v. Tony Exum (D)
State House District 19 – Paul Lundeen (R) v. Tom Reynolds (D)
State House District 39 – Polly Lawrence (R) v. Richard Opler (D)
State House District 47 – Clarice Navarro-Ratzlaff (R) v. Jason Munoz (D)
State House District 59 – J. Paul Brown (R) v. Barbara Hall McLachlan (D)

Open Seats
State House District 3 – Katy Brown (R) v. Jeff Bridges (D)
State House District 23 – Chris Hadsall (R) v. Christopher Louis Kennedy (D)
State House District 31 – Jessica Sandgren (R) v. Joseph Salazar (D)

Growing the number of Republican seats and gaining a majority are an important step in fighting for conservative legislation that supports transportation funding, job growth, the economy, and energy development.

As Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Every legislative chamber matters, and GOPAC is committed to having strong Republican majorities in every legislative chamber around the country.