GOPAC’s Election Night Recap

The overlooked story of election night is that Republicans have made impressive gains in legislative chambers across the country. Of note, Republicans flipped the Iowa Senate and the Kentucky House – the last Democratic stronghold in the South. Republicans also set a new record in the Ohio House for most seats held, and the New York Senate earned an outright majority.     

A few highlights from the evening include: 

  • Republicans earned majorities in the Iowa Senate and Kentucky House. In the New York Senate, Republicans earned an outright majority.
  • Republicans increased majorities in the Indiana Senate, Michigan House, New Hampshire Senate, Ohio Senate, Ohio House, West Virginia Senate, and the Wisconsin Senate.
  • Republicans maintained majorities in the battleground chambers of the Maine Senate, Minnesota House, North Carolina House, and Washington Senate.

GOPAC is proud to have been part of this election, and with your help, invested over $2.2 million into critical races around the country this election cycle. 

By supporting strong candidates and giving them the tools and financial support needed to win, our Party has elected a new generation of Republican leaders.  

Thank you as always for your continued support to our common cause.