Nevada Assembly: Races to Watch

Nevada Assembly: Races to WatchAs Election Day approaches, we are highlighting the races to watch in key battleground legislative chambers. This week, we feature the Nevada Assembly.

Going into the 2016 Election, Republicans in Nevada hold a government trifecta with control of the Governor’s Office, Senate, and Assembly. In the Nevada Assembly, all 42 seats are up for election this fall with eight open seats. Currently, the Assembly consists of 24 Republicans, 17 Democrats, and one Libertarian. This election, Nevada Assembly Republicans are positioned to strengthen the majority they won in 2014 when they gained 12 seats.

Here are the Republican candidates to watch:

Assembly District 9 – David Gardner (R) vs. Steve Yeager (D)
Assembly District 21 – Derek Armstrong (R) vs. Ozzie Fumo (D)
Assembly District 29 – Stephen Silberkraus (R) vs. Lesley Cohen (D)

Assembly District 27 – Bonnie Weber (R) vs. Teresa Benitez-Thompson (D)

Open Seats
Assembly District 5 – Artemus Ham (R) vs. Brittney Miller (D)
Assembly District 41 – Nick Phillips (R) vs. Sandra Jauregui (D)

Maintaining the Assembly’s Republican majority and the state government Republican trifecta is critical for passing conservative legislation on issues like taxes, economic development, and job creation.

As Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Every legislative chamber matters, and GOPAC is committed to having strong Republican majorities in every legislative chamber around the country.