New Mexico House: Races to Watch

New Mexico Races to Watch As Election Day approaches, we are highlighting the races to watch in key battleground legislative chambers. Here, we feature the New Mexico House of Representatives.  

In 2014, Republicans secured a majority in the New Mexico House following a 60-year period of Democratic control. While Republicans control 37 seats and the Democrats 33 seats, all 70 seats are up for election this year, making this a critical year for Republicans to defend and strengthen their current majority.

Here are the Republican candidates to watch: 

State House District 4 – Sharon Clahchischilliage (R) vs. Glojean Todacheene (D)
State House District 15 –Sarah Maestas Barnes (R) vs. Ane Romero (D)
State House District 36 – Andrew Nunez (R) vs. Nathan Small (D)
State House District 37 – Terry McMillan (R) vs. Joanne Ferrary (D)
State House District 39 – John Zimmerman (R) vs. Rodolpho Martinez (D)
State House District 43 – Sharon Stover (R) vs. Stephanie Garcia Richard (D)
Open Seats 
State House District 24 – Christina Marie Hall (R) vs. Elizabeth Thomson (D)
State House District 32 – Vicki Chavez (R) vs. Candie Sweester (D)
State House District 38 – Rebecca Dow (R) vs. Mary E. Hotvedt (D)
Maintaining control of the House will help Republicans pass conservative legislation on issues like job creation, wages, and healthcare. 
As Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Every legislative chamber matters, and GOPAC is committed to having strong Republican majorities in every legislative chamber around the country.