New York Senate: Races to Watch


As Election Day approaches, we are highlighting the races to watch in key battleground legislative chambers. Here, we feature the New York Senate. 

In New York, Democrats control the Governor’s Office and New York Assembly, while Republicans in the New York Senate have majority control due to a coalition of Democratic senators aligned with the GOP Caucus. Going into this November, Republicans are defending 31 seats—running unopposed in nine districts—and competing for six open seats. 

Here are the Republican candidates to watch: 

State Senate District 6: Kemp Hannon (R) vs. Ryan E. Cronin (D)
State Senate District 39: William Larkin (R) vs. Christopher W. Eachus (D)
State Senate District 40: Terrence Murphy (R) vs Alison Boak (D)
State Senate District 41: Sue Serino (R) vs. Terry Gipson (D)
State Senate District 46: George Amedore (R) vs. Sara K. Niccoli (D)

State Senate District 9: Christopher McGrath (R) vs. Todd Kaminsky (D)
State Senate District 37: Julie P. Killian (R) vs. George Latimer (D)

Open Seats
State Senate District 7: Elaine Phillips (R) vs. Adam Haber (D)
State Senate District 60: Christopher Jacobs (R) vs. Amber Small (D)

Maintaining this majority control in the New York Senate is critical to advancing conservative ideas like common-sense energy projects, responsible budgets, tax-relief, and job creation.

As Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Every legislative chamber matters, and GOPAC is committed to having strong Republican majorities in every legislative chamber around the country.