Texas House Public Health Committee Chair Four Price joins GOPAC Legislative Leaders Advisory Board

Arlington, Va (February 16, 2017) – GOPAC today announced the addition of Texas House Public Health Committee Chair Four Price to its prestigious Legislative Leaders Advisory Board.

“As a member of our Advisory Board, Representative Four Price will serve a key role in supporting our mission to educate and elect the next generation of Republican leaders. He will be a valuable asset as we work to advance personal and economic security for all Americans,” stated Chairman David Avella.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to serve on GOPAC’s Legislative Leaders Advisory Board.  I look forward to working with my colleagues and exchanging ideas that will promote innovative and sensible policies,” stated Representative Price.

Members of the Advisory Board are selected for their exceptional leadership in promoting ideas that lead to more private sector jobs, more effective government at lower costs and lower taxes. In addition, members have demonstrated their dedication to electing Republican candidates and will keep GOPAC updated on key political developments within their state. Membership on Legislative Leaders Advisory Board is a one-year term.