GOPAC Election Fund endorses Georgia Senate President Pro Tempore David Shafer for Lieutenant Governor

Arlington, Va (June 22, 2017) – The GOPAC Election Fund announced today it will work to elect Georgia Senate President Pro Tempore David Shafer to be the state’s next lieutenant governor.

“Senator David Shafer’s success at leading the Georgia Senate to pass policies that increase economic and personal security leads the roster of reasons the GOPAC Election Fund will work to elect him as the state’s next lieutenant governor. As a member of our national Legislative Leaders Advisory Board, Senator Shafer has been a valuable ally in advancing our mission to educate and elect the next generation of Republican leaders. His active involvement led to our Board of Directors’ unanimous vote to endorse him. Our endorsement includes investing the maximum-allowable state contribution to his campaign. In addition, our members and supporters will be encouraged to donate directly to his campaign,” said GOPAC Chairman David Avella.

The GOPAC Election Fund assists GOPAC-affiliated leaders running for higher office in their Primary and General Elections.


ABOUT GOPAC: GOPAC is the Republican Party’s premier center for educating and electing a new generation of Republican leaders. It’s a force in American politics as it ensures a healthy roster of prepared and tested state leaders are ready to lead in their legislatures and/or run for higher office.

ABOUT GOPAC ELECTION FUND: The GOPAC Election Fund is dedicated to assisting GOPAC affiliated legislators running for federal and state offices. Because these leaders have participated in GOPAC programs, we know they have the knowledge, experience, and integrity to succeed.