Curtis: Congress can uphold the American Promise with Budget and Tax Reform

By Jessica Curtis, GOPAC Executive Director
September 18, 2017

Jobs are changing. Governments at the federal and state level are already looking to prepare American workers for the far-reaching changes the lower and middle class workforce will face during the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our country is undoubtedly facing a period when the world will face dramatic and life-changing technological advances unfolding with a speed unlike anything we have ever seen. 

These changes offer great opportunity for prosperity, but the American worker needs to be set up for future success today. That can only be accomplished by two things: a sound fiscal budget and comprehensive tax reform. 

Without both passing a sound budget and enacting tax reform, our representatives in Washington are tying the American worker and this country to the past. Wage growth will stagnate and job creation will suffer even more unless the full economic potential of this country is unburdened by overspending and overtaxing today… not down the road.

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