Curtis: Where Did All the Journalists Go?

By Jessica Curtis
September 05, 2017

One hardly has to read past the fold of the front page to find examples of absurdist attacks on conservatives by the mainstream media these days. The over-the-top criticism of the First Lady’s high heels as she departed Washington DC to visit Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The recent New York Times article asserting Vice President Mike Pence is planting seeds for a 2020 presidential campaign. The piece by the same outlet commenting on White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders style and lack of suits or jackets. Reuter’s decision to live stream Sean Spicer’s home following his resignation… this list is endless.

In the wake of an untold number of fake news stories and regular derision aimed at conservatives, many Americans are struggling to trust the long-held, invisible role of the media. Mainstream media journalists believe the next four years may unfold a once in a life-time opportunity to wield their craft, but for most Americans, the Fourth Estate no longer seems to serve the purpose of bettering our nation as it once did.

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