Leonard: How Tax Reform Fueled Michigan’s Resurgence

Team GOPAC is working hard on the fight to pass tax reform at the federal level. Take a look at this opinion piece from GOPAC’s Legislative Leaders Advisory Board Member, Michigan Speaker of the House Tom Leonard.

How tax reform fueled Michigan’s resurgence
Michigan Speaker of the House Tom Leonard
November 29, 2017

America’s economy is finally growing after years of struggle, but the current recovery still has a long way to go. We need a new plan that accelerates our economic growth, spreads that success to more families and creates a stronger environment for people to get back into the workforce. The Republican tax reform plan now working its way through Congress is the best way forward for American workers.

Tax reform is one of the few government policies that can have a clear and direct result on the bottom line for many American families. When tax reform is done right, job seekers find new opportunities, workers see higher take-home pay, and families trying to make ends meet have a little more cushion at the end of every month.

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