Opinion: It’s Time for the Senate to Expose Schiff’s Ruse


By David Avella | Real Clear Politics 
November 13, 2019

It is time for Sen. Lindsey Graham to launch an investigation into Ukraine. Ignoring California Congressman Adam Schiff’s manipulation of the public and the intelligence community is an insult to the U.S. Constitution and quite frankly an affront to the public Schiff thinks he can dupe. 

We may well learn that the only reason House Speaker Nancy Pelosi even contemplated impeachment in the first place is based on what we are finding out is a maliciously contrived ruse. A Senate-led investigation would answer key questions and shed light on what motivated the CIA agent/whistleblower to pull the fire alarm when there was no smoke. We would learn the lengths to which Schiff, House Democratic staff, and their cohorts outside government went to manipulate the process. Also, we would discover what instructions Schiff gave to his CIA accomplice prior to filing the complaint. And, we might just learn if Democrats are hiding anything about Obama administration intervention in Ukraine.  

It is understandable why some see partisanship, not patriotism, as what motivates those coming forward to participate in Schiff’s scheme. We know the whistleblower’s attorney is motivated by his own politics, not defending his client. As early as January 2017, Mark Zaid tweeted that the “coup has started” and “impeachment will follow.” Zaid is an ideal pawn to help provide Schiff the catalyst he needed to pressure Pelosi into an impeachment inquiry.

Any president, even Donald Trump, is entitled to have an administration that will support his policies. Instead, this president faces agencies filled with philosophical opponents who put their own judgment ahead of that of officials whose policies they are required to carry out. He also faces a willing media that yearns to vilify any Republican, anytime and anywhere.

Plus, there is the clear-as-day reality that the Democrats’ main impeachment argument doesn’t hold water. President Trump has never benefited from the supposed quid pro quo. Ukraine received and continues to receive aid from the United States. Further, there has never been a Ukrainian investigation of, or even a statement about, any officials from the Obama administration. In essence, Democrats want to impeach the president over mere speculation about his unknown motivation for something that never even occurred.

As things currently stand, with no Senate investigation, Adam Schiff has seized complete control over the media narrative. Through his selective choice of who will and, perhaps more importantly, will not testify, along with selective leaking of documents and testimony, Schiff has allowed half-truths and incomplete information to frame the public conversation. This has been to the detriment of not just President Trump but to the truth as well.

Lindsey Graham – the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a man who once served as an impeachment prosecutor – is exactly the person to lead an effort to combat the underhanded House investigation. Time and again he has proven that he won’t succumb to outside pressure from Democrats or the media, and can be counted on to speak truth to power. Now is when the whole truth needs to be revealed, not only Adam Schiff’s version of it. It’s up to Lindsey Graham to do just that.

David Avella is the chairman of GOPAC.

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