GOPAC Announces 2021 Class of Emerging Leaders

Washington, DC – Today, GOPAC announced the twenty-four legislators in its 2021 class of Emerging Leaders. Nominated by the legislative leadership in their state, these legislators have demonstrated promise in positively impacting their state and rising within the Republican ranks.

“As Americans are seeking solutions to the issues our communities face, our 2021 class of Emerging Leaders has an excellent opportunity to advance ideas to make the lives of their constituents easier, safer, and better,” said GOPAC Chairman David Avella. “We welcome being part of their development and doing our part to support their success.” 

The prestigious GOPAC Emerging Leaders Program is a year-long initiative to educate the next generation of Republican legislators. The Program equips these legislators with information to help legislate more effectively and ultimately achieve leadership roles within their state or run for higher office.

2021 GOPAC Emerging Leaders:

Senator Barb Kirkmeyer (CO)
Senator Justin Busch (IN)
Senator Max Wise (KY)
Senator Kim LaSata (MI)
Senator Andrew Lang (MN)
Senator Deanna Ballard (NC)
Senator Dave Craven (NC)
Senator Todd Johnson (NC)
Senator Kristin Roers (ND)
Senator Mike Testa (NJ)
Senator Julian Bradley (WI)
Representative Demi Cabrera (FL)
Representative Tom Demmer (IL)
Representative Ethan Manning (IN)
Representative Larry Frieman (LA)
Representative Andrew Fink (MI)
Representative Stacey Wilkes (MS)
Representative Destin Hall (NC)
Representative Steve Bashore (OK)
Representative Natalie Mihalek (PA)
Representative Shelby Slawson (TX)
Delegate Amanda Batten (VA)
Representative Tony Kurtz (WI)
Delegate Dianna Graves (WV)