Legislative Leaders Advisory Board

GOPAC’s Advisory Board helps promote the ideas and policies being implemented at the state level, as well as assist with electing a new generation of Republican leaders.


Bob Peterson

Ohio President Pro Tempore

Greg Reed

Alabama Majority Leader

Kimberly Yee

Arizona Majority Leader

Rodric Bray

Indiana Majority Leader

Jack Whitver

Iowa Majority Leader

Damon Thayer

Kentucky Majority Leader

Shane Massey

South Carolina Majority Leader

Ryan Ferns

West Virginia Majority Leader

Jeremy Miller

Minnesota Deputy Majority Leader

Kim David

Oklahoma Majority Floor Leader

Ben Kieckhefer

Nevada Assistant Minority Leader

Steven Gooch

Georgia Majority Whip

Steve Hershey

Maryland Minority Whip

Dana Young

Florida Health Policy Committee Chair

Catharine Young

New York Finance Committee Chair

Bo Watson

Tennessee Finance, Ways and Means Committee Chair

Charles Schwertner

Texas Health and Human Services Committee Chair

Deidre Henderson

Utah Rules Committee Chair

Bryce Reeves

Virginia Rehabilitation and Social Services Committee Chair

House / Assembly

David Ralston

Georgia Speaker

Tom Leonard

Michigan Speaker

Philip Gunn

Mississippi Speaker

Tim Moore

North Carolina Speaker

Charles McCall

Oklahoma Speaker

Tyler August

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore

Mathew Pitsch

Arkansas Majority Leader

Lance Harris

Louisiana Majority Leader

Todd Gilbert

Virginia Majority Leader

Drew MacEwen

Washington Assistant Floor Leader

Chris Sprowls

Florida Judiciary Committee Chair

Kerry Benninghoff

Pennsylvania Policy Committee Chair

Four Price

Texas Public Health Committee Chair